About Us

Kotel Investments, Inc. is a private commercial real estate investment and leasing firm with a primary focus on the San Antonio, Austin and surrounding markets. Founded by brothers, Rami and Jeff Kotel with the core principles to be property owners who are fair, honest and does what is right.

Our focus for our Tenants is simple: To build genuine, long term relationships with our tenants and help them grow their business through transparency and a hands-on approach.

Our focus for our Investors is simple: To provide our investors with superior returns, capital preservation, and long-term growth.

Experience Drives Success

Kotel Investments, Inc. has been creating wealth from the Texas commercial market for over a decade. Over the years, our portfolio has included over 1,000,000 sf of land sites, new development, retail centers, office buildings, industrial/warehouses, and special purpose properties. Today, we target the acquisition of office warehouses, office buildings, and retail assets. Most of the properties purchased or developed are at or above market occupancy levels and are being held in our long-term, private portfolio.

Leasing Management

We often directly communicate with our Tenants in order to build better trust and long term relationships.  We are intentionally hands-on in our approach to improve the leasing situation for our Tenants and their businesses.  As a business establishment ourselves, we understand the key factors to grow in the field, therefore, we work hand-in-hand with our Tenants. We scour the market day by day to expand our portfolio which gives us the edge to effortlessly help relocate our Tenants who are wishing to expand their operations, whether opening another branch or simply needing more space for their current business location. We pride ourselves on our ability to relocate a Tenant who is looking forward to needing more space.

Unlike other property owners, we carefully oversee each property even through our appointed management companies or managers which makes reaching the decision makers easy and convenient. We understand the diversity between big and small private businesses, therefore, we are always forecasting ahead which property location will help our Tenants grow. We know that our Tenants’ success is also our success.

If you are a tenant and looking to lease a space, please contact us today.