Why Be Our Tenant?

As Property Owners, Kotel Investments, Inc. understands that an exceptional relationship between Tenant and Landlord is the key to safeguarding the value of the property. To develop a genuine relationship is to truly understand each tenant’s current needs as well as anticipate future needs, giving us the ability to respond and provide the most effective solution in every situation.  Understanding the foundation of each of our Tenant’s businesses allows us to establish a productive and successful business environment for both Tenant and Landlord.

Here are a select, highlighted reasons why we believe you should be our tenant:


• Seamless communication is fundamental to our business and where we believe we truly excel in the industry.  Reaching your Landlord is never easy, but with Kotel Investments, Inc., we are able to work closely with our Tenants through the ease of direct contact. We are simply an email, text message, or phone call away. 

• We understand that no two tenants are alike, and as such, we like to take the time to get to know each tenant’s business to understand what they need from our property.

• We are business owners too and through the implementation of our hands-on, approach we are able to give our Tenants what they actually need to be successful in their businesses and with the use of their space.

• We are fair, straight forward, and transparent in our negotiations. We’re entrepreneurs just like you and understand the more time wasted in negotiations, the less time you have to run your business.

• We are with you as your business grows. Whether it’s a decision to grow in your current location or find a new, larger space, we are your invaluable partner in finding economic solutions to your growth and expansion plans.

• We have been focused on tenant relations since the beginning. During the global economic turndown, even as other property owners were forced to cut back on building upgrades and maintenance, we still maintained and improved our properties to keep tenants happy and keep our property spaces full without increasing costs.


If you are looking for space to lease, please contact us today to discuss the seamless transition of your business to one of our properties.