Why Be Our Tenant?

Get The Strength of A Corporation With The Supportive Culture of A Family

As our Tenant, you secure the stability, growth, and experienced guidance of a corporation behind your business combined with the supporting relationship of a family.With more than 15 years of experience, we have been tested by both the crisis of 2008 and the recent 2020 pandemic. We kept our rental spaces full without increasing costs.  As our Tenant, the property you will lease from us will be regularly maintained and provided with building upgrades when needed. In tough times, when your landlord is tested, and when previous landlords failed you, we keep our Tenants happy with the same care as in good times.


We are driven by a passion for three things:

  • Provide you with the ability to expand and grow with us.
  • Have a win-win relationship between Landlord and Tenant.
  • Helping new business owners find the perfect space for their first business.


You will be in the hands of industry veteran Landlords. Join us and become part of a family-led company with a healthy varied portfolio of over 300 Tenants across more than 70 properties.Some of our Tenants include big chains like Verizon, State Farm, Subway, Starbucks, AT&T, Walgreens, and other small family-owned businesses.

We at Kotel Investments understand that you are different from other Tenants in size, scope, budget, and needs. You have unique wants and needs, and we do our best to cater to them in order to make our relationship with you tailor-made.



Arrow Thompson
Arrow Thompson
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Mr. Kotel, I’m writing this letter to personally thank you for the exceptional experience I had working with Kotel Investments as a tenant the last 3 years. In 25 years of renting and leasing locations, I have never had the benefit of such a responsive and professional Landlord and Management Staff. Mr. Gonzales the Operations Manager took care of every/any facilities issues with genuine concern for my operations environment and in the timeliest manner possible, at times within the same day. Mrs. James the Property Manager constantly provide up to date documentations, reminders, billing changes together with easy-to-use electronic payment systems. Mr. Kotel, you and your team are consummate professionals, patriotic supporters of both Veterans and Entrepreneurs and a pleasure to work with in every way. Thank you for your support and services. Best regards, Mr. Russell
Jean Gonzalez
Jean Gonzalez
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I have been a tenant of the Kotel's for nearly 7 years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. The Kotels are extremly fair and kind hearted. They want the buisness that rent from them to succeed. During the early days of Covid, I was struggling to pay my rent. Kotel MGMT sent me resources to help me get a grant and a PPP loan. Once I got the money, I worked out a way to pay them what I owed. If it wasn't for their patience and flexibility I wouldn't have been able to get my buisness, out of the hole. I am incredibly gratefull to the Kotels and all they have done for me throughout the years. If you are considering renting with or working with them, go for it! I can't recommend them enough!
Thiago Dias BJJ
Thiago Dias BJJ
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As a tenant I highly recommend Kotel Investments. We've been in business for almost two years and we've always had full support from them. They always meet our demands and we intend to work together for a long time. If you are looking for a place to rent, I recommend Kotel Investments to help you on this journey. ••••• Professor Thiago Dias T&D JIU-JITSU ACADEMY SAN ANTONIO- TEXAS
477 Meineke
477 Meineke
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Best landlords ever. In the last 10 years, we barely ask for anything and it would get done promptly.
Rhonda P
Rhonda P
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Rami is a terrific landlord. The Kotel’s are quality people and I have the highest regard for them!
Adelaida Magdaleno
Adelaida Magdaleno
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Kotel Investments are by far the most beautiful people to work with. From the owners to their management and office staff. Excellent communication, excellent leadership, great care in all of your needs when renting their properties. Easy to reach out to them , they always treat you like family , always address any concerns or questions and are very honest people. They work with you and not against you. They have the tenants interest at heart all of the time. Highly recommend them for any business venture. Plus you will love Tony. He’s their sheriff on board. Always taking care of their people while being on site and watching everything is good. Truly humble and hardworking personnel. The best !

Culture & Values

We conduct business with the core belief that an exceptional relationship between you and us is the key for:

  • Maintaining a long term relationship with our Tenants.
  • Safeguarding the value of our properties.

It is our mission to truly understand your current needs as well as anticipate future ones. 
This gives us the ability to respond and provide you with the most effective solution to every hardship or situation you encounter, whether you want to downsize or expand during your lease and make better use of your space.
We take pride in understanding the foundation and industry-specific needs of your business, and by doing so, allowing us to provide you with a supportive, productive, and successful environment rather than just a bill at the end of the month.

Problems we solve

  • We help business owners who are looking for new space by catering to their needs, like changing the interiors of the space.
  • We help our existing tenants who are in need of repairs, downsizing, expanding, lease extensions, or lease modifications.

Why us?

We truly know how your business can be directly affected by poor management and a problematic Landlord.
You will receive valuable services from us, such as property management, and more:
  • All our properties are well maintained.
  • We offer good quality finished out spaces.
  • Good working conditions for Tenants that are available for move-in. 

What truly separates us in the industry is that we excel in one main aspect, and it is the most important, priceless, service you get from us:


We are family-owned, and we are hands-on with your needs.

You know the pain in reaching and communicating with your Landlord. That’s why we are different and are able to maintain a 95% occupancy rate.
With us, you get seamless communication. We are available for you through email, phone calls, and even text messages with a friendly tone. Additionally, you will get fair, straight forward, and transparent negotiations. We are Entrepreneurs, just like you, and understand the more time wasted in negotiations, the less time you have to run your business. We truly care that you succeed as an individual and thrive as a business throughout our partnership.

When you thrive, we thrive.

If you make the decision to grow in your current location or find a new, larger space, and expand, we will be there by your side. We want to be your invaluable partner in finding economic solutions to your growth and expansion plans.

What do other tenants say?

Both new Tenants applicants and existing Tenants can always reach us by email, phone, and text. 
The most common feedback we get is:
  • Positive feedback about being extremely responsive.
  • Lease pricing and terms are reasonable.
  • We maintain our properties very well.
  • Rami, the Vice President of the company, is the first person to answer their calls.

We are on such good terms with our own contractors, that they themselves sometimes apply to rent commercial spaces from us.


Who is our optimal Tenant?

  • Businesses that serve the community such as Retail, Office, Industrial / Manufacturing, and Auto Industry.
  • Tenants looking to lease spaces in ranges anywhere from 1,000 sq ft to 20,000 sq ft.

How to work with us?

If you are looking to become part of our community, we will do our best to help you find the perfect space for you.

Tenant Prospects can browse our available spaces here on our website.

Once you’ve chosen the most desirable property and space for you from our available locations we will set up a showing for you to see the space.

The process:

The process begins when you apply by filling out a Tenant application from our website for credit and background checks.

You can expect to hear back from us in 1-2 business days.

Once approved, we will prepare a lease for your review.

We will then send you the Lease Agreement and detailed information on the next steps via email.”

Next, you sign the lease agreement with any other relevant documents and send it back to us by email. 

Then, you will provide us with a check for:

  • A Security Deposit.
  • The first-month rent (due at signing).

You will able to submit the check via:

  • A direct deposit to our bank account
  • Or simply hand it over to a Property Manager from our team.

Finally, you will be given keys to your new and beautiful space, and be able to start your business.

Contact us today to discuss the seamless transition of your business to one of our properties.

Contact us today to find your perfect space and become a part of our community